Our professional construction services include proficiency in: Estimating, Construction, Planning, Scope/constructability, Execution of cast-in-place and precast concrete structures, Support of excavation, Marine work, Earthwork, Asphalt and concrete paving, Underground utilities, Rail, Treatment plants and more.

Regardless of the stage of your project, PCSInfra’s services can assist in all aspects of project delivery, delivering substantial value to the entire program.

Design Build Management

  • Design Coordination
  • Manage the task group process and keep it on track.
  • Alternative Technical Concept (ATC) development.
  • Conduct constructability design reviews, providing feedback on achieving the most efficient and constructible concept.
  • Quantify and promptly estimate alternative designs to deliver basis for selection of alternatives.
  • Assist with development of the most efficient staging in addition to resolving conflicts between new work and existing facilities.
  • Identify and resolve utility conflicts and develop utility relocation scopes.
  • Third party coordination.

Contract Review

  • Review and comment on commercial term requirements.
  • Review specifications to achieve complete understanding of project scope.
  • Identify nonstandard provisions that may adversely affect cost, schedule and risk.

Project Estimating

  • Prepare joint venture instructions
  • WBS development
  • Quantity take-offs (Blue Beam, Agtek, Auto-Cad)
  • Construction cost estimating (HCSS)
  • Escalation analysis
  • Bid Reviews

Proposal Services

  • Review content and provide feedback for SOQ and RFP proposals.
  • Develop portions of proposals including construction methods and third party coordination.
  • Verify quantitative claims in the proposal for accuracy.

Post Award Services

  • Project start up
  • Construction management
  • Manage integration of the project design team with construction staff to ensure information discussed during pre-bid design development has been disseminated.
  • Preserve the integrity of the intended pre-bid design in final design development.
  • Reduce risk for quantity growth.
  • Provide cost analysis for design refinements.
  • Third party and utility coordination

ICE – Independent Cost Estimates

  • ICE team members should be involved in the very early stages of the project to perform “over the shoulder reviews” with the design team during design development.
  • Early in this process, ICE team members will review the project for budgetary reasons, providing an estimated cost reflective of the early stages of design and offering input on possible value engineering (VE) ideas.
  • Constructability reviews and ICE evaluations minimize the owner’s risks associated with cost overruns, delays and problems that may arise during the process.
  • Identify issues and resolve them efficiently and economically during the planning and design stages.

Risk Identification Services

  • From project inception, PCSInfra helps identify, manage and mitigate risks associated with a construction project, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • PCSInfra recognizes that as the complexity of construction and engineering projects change, the magnitude of risk involved for owners, contractors, architects and engineers increases the possibility of negative impacts. Our construction risk consultants adapt to the continuously changing engineering and construction industries while maintaining proven practices and procedures throughout the construction process.
  • Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect or construction manager, PCSInfra’s consultants are equipped to supplement your team’s expertise with additional insight to ensure your project’s success.

Construction Claims Services

  • Claims issues arise in nearly every project. PCSInfra assists in the identifiction and resolution of issues to achieve project success.
  • PCSInfra professionals pinpoint, analyze and prepare construction claims and disputes for construction and engineering projects.
  • Assist in assessment, validation and quantification of damages, promoting a successful resolution in an efficient and timely manner.